Security for AI Systems: Certified Practitioner Program


This is a synchronous e-Learning program aimed at equipping individuals with practical Blue-team and Red-team skills for safeguarding AI/LLM systems. The program covers both theory and hands-on practice sessions across the following topics:

  1. Introduction: How Security for AI systems differs expands on traditional application and network security


  1. Deep dive on OWASP LLM Top-10 and beyond


  1. AI model basics
  • Opensource models and model deployment
  • Vector databases and embeddings
  • Langflow and Langchain for chat agent development


  1. Red Team perspectives:
  • Pyrit, Kali Linux and hacker tools
  • OSINT for AI systems
  • Model theft and data extraction
  • Training data poisoning
  • Prompt injection techniques


  1. Blue team perspectives
  • Model vulnerability scanning
  • Guardrail models
  • Watermarking
  • Application security


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  • 12h Duration
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